Transform your home.

At CG Statement Designs in Chandler, Arizona, we provide both professional home staging and redesign to transform your home into a space that feels warm and inviting and functions for all of life's busy activities.

What is Home Staging?

Using a professional home stager helps to create that “at home” feeling by artfully preparing a home to appeal to the greatest selection of buyers, thereby generating a quick sale and at a higher price. Every buyer should experience that "WOW" moment when they step into a home that has been properly staged.

What is Home Redesign?

The term redesign could be interchanged with “interior styling” or “redecorating” with the focus on reconfiguring, refreshing, and/or updating a current space to make it personal to you and help you fall in love with your home again!

Redesign doesn’t involve knocking out walls or changing other large architectural features of the home, floor plan, etc. Maybe you just want to change the style to update a room in your current home? Maybe you’re moving into a new home with a clean slate that needs inspiration? Or maybe you recently entered a new stage in your life (i.e. empty nesters, retirement) and your home is ready to reflect that as well.  Home redesign can help you to accomplish these goals.

Experience the difference in your home.

We transform a home using design elements that create optimal function and flow and by setting up emotional connection points in each room. In staging, this allows potential buyers to see themselves "at home" in the space to generate a quick sale and at top dollar. In redesign, this helps to create an environment that is warm and inviting and is now personalized to you and your lifestyle.

Let CG Statement Designs be the right choice for an investment in your home, whether you're selling or just ready to make a new statement!

Top 10 Reasons
To Professionally Stage Your Home

1: A professional Home Stager will help you view your home with "buyer's eyes" when preparing to sell.

2: Your home’s online photos will stand out and attract showings.

3: Buyers can visualize themselves living in your home.

4. Staging helps your home's "flaws" to be overlooked.

5. It will help you be objective about your home.

6: Most agents consider it a critical necessity.

7: You will make more money on the sale.

8: Your house will sell faster!

9: You can relax and let us do the work for you!

10: Choosing NOT to stage your home will only help your competition.

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