Christen Gorman, Owner
CG Statement Designs, Chandler, AZ

A home is a part of your fahome stager christen gormanmily. It's where memories are made and where family milestones occur. It's something you're proud of and at one point something you fell in love with when you first stepped into it and knew you felt "at home".  At CG Statement Designs, my work is guided by the desire to help people achieve their goals for their home; whether that means artfully staging a space to allow a home to shine to it's fullest potential to sell or simply modernizing and restyling an interior to make you fall back in love with your current home.

My career did not begin in design or real estate. Instead, I chose to be a physical therapist because of my love of health and wellness and the opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life. My other life-long passion has always been for art and design, a path I pursued even into college. As my husband and I purchased first a condo, then a home, I realized my passion for decorating and design was as strong as ever. My entrance into motherhood finally pushed me to reflect on my goals and dreams and I decided to make the jump into the world of real estate and design and created CG Statement Designs.

When I discovered home staging, it was a perfect blend of my skill sets. Staging spoke to my creative side and allowed me to utilize what my years in patient care had taught me: empathy, critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to develop and nurture client relationships that are based on trust and communication. It also offers continued opportunities to have a positive impact on people's lives and in the surrounding community, whether assisting in the sale of a home or the excitement that comes from a completed home design. This is my goal for your experience if you select CG Statement Designs for your home's needs.

Why choose CG Statement Designs? I am committed not just to offering my creativity and knowledge, but also balancing the time constraints and budget of you as a client. I know how to purchase and arrange items in your home without costing you a fortune. I'm also committed to using your time wisely, adhering to deadlines, and ultimately delivering what I promise - a home that buyers, sellers, and homeowners alike will love and appreciate.

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