Make a statement with YOUR home!

Just like in staging, our redesign approach uses an 8-step FEEL HOME process to help you fall in love with your home again by artfully using organizational and interior styling techniques to create an environment that is comfortable, stress-free, beautiful, and personal to you. With home redesign, the goal is now "staging to live" rather than to sell.

Redesign/Styling Consultation

In this in-home consultation, we will identify everything that needs to be done in the proposed project areas of your home so that they sparkle! This service is intended to help you define your personal style, identify shopping needs and cosmetic changes, and get you started in the process of redesigning your home to reflect the needs and lifestyle of your family. Prior to meeting, we will have a detailed phone or email interview and ongoing dialogue to completely understand your project, style, and preferences prior to meeting in the home.

The in-home consultation will be 1-2 hours and will consist of the following:

  • Discuss cosmetic needs (paint, finishes, flooring, etc.)
  • Discuss recommended furniture arrangement and flow
  • De-cluttering, rearranging, and optimizing space in each room
  • Highlighting architectural features and freshening up each room
  • Lighting, window treatments, and accessory arrangements
  • Color advice and emotional connection points, so you love the look of each space!

You will walk away with a better understanding of your home’s needs and a Priority Shopping List to help you complete the design process and set you well on your way to a gorgeous looking home.

NOTE: At the conclusion of the consultation, a design proposal will be made based upon your home's needs and budget for further services if needed at that time. Pricing will vary. See a sample of additional Home Redesign services below.

“Everyone should love the space they live in. Your home should reflect your personal style and evoke a sense of pride and contentment when you step into it."

Christen Gorman – Owner
CG Statement Design

modern living room

Mini Makeover

This service involves working together, following the design proposal, to start rearranging the main areas of your home with what you already own. You won’t believe the difference a few hours of work can make!

This service can take up to 4 hours and includes:

  • Main living area design and emotional connection points set up
  • Kitchen design and organizational strategies
  • Main bathroom and master bedroom design
  • If time permits, we will tackle other key living areas.
  • We will even bring in design accessories to give you a “visual shopping list” of what to purchase for modernizing your home.

One Day Home Makeover

Do you have a larger home with more than a few hours of work that needs to be done? This option simply extends our time together to include a day of working together, following our detailed design proposal and tackling the main areas of the home.

Power Shopping

We’ll create a budget and shop for those accessories that add the WOW factor to each space in your home. I’m an expert at sourcing the best items at the most reasonable prices!

Ideally, shopping would occur shortly after a consultation day so that we can get updated pillows, accessories, and furnishings for each space while the plan is fresh in our minds.