Christen Gorman, Owner
CG Statement Designs, Chandler, AZ

home stager christen gormanA home is a part of your family - where memories are made and family milestones occur. It is something you're proud of and at one point something you fell in love with when you first stepped into it and knew you felt "at home".  At CG Statement Designs, my work is guided by the desire to help people achieve their goals for their home; whether that means artfully staging a space to allow a home to shine at its fullest potential to sell or simply modernizing and restyling an interior to make you fall back in love with your current home.

My love of art and design started when I was very young and has evolved over time from crafts and creating artwork to (many) DIY home projects and frequently rearranging rooms. As my husband and I purchased our first condo and later a family home, I continued to learn and build on my passion for home design and decorating, not just as a hobby but something that I wanted to pursue and help others with, thus creating CG Statement Designs.

My professional career did not begin in design or real estate. Instead, I chose to be a physical therapist because of my love of health and wellness and the opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life. Years in patient care taught me empathy, critical thinking, problem-solving, and how to develop and nurture patient/client relationships that are based on trust and communication. My goal is to build on those experiences as well as cultivate a positive and fun experience within each client project and throughout the overall design experience.