Do Your Listings Stand Out Among the Rest?

A great online presence is something extremely important for today's homes, especially in the current landscape of COVID-19. Even if we can't always be as "hands-on" as we once were, there are still many efficient and helpful ways to assist a seller in preparing and staging their home for the market.

The first goal of staging is NOT in the transformation of rooms, but in the transformation of the seller. If a seller can commit to the process, they can start to objectively view their home as a product to market and sell.  The home seller needs to transition from viewing their property as their “beloved home” to their "#1 marketing commodity” in order to compete and sell for the best price in their area.  A transformed seller can objectively view their product and strategically works with the stager to merchandise each room to appeal to their buyer demographic.

Partnering with an HSR Certified Home Staging Professional makes you stand out in the industry and helps educate sellers on transforming their home into one that STANDS OUT, ATTRACTS BUYERS, and GENERATES GREAT OFFERS!

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"Home Staging is using limited funds, practical creativity, objectivity, market demographic knowledge, real estate knowledge and extraordinary expertise to professionally prepare a home to sell."

Audra Slinkey- President of Home Staging Resource (HSR)

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